Why JoyfullyRaw?

Joyfully Raw first began as a hashtag that I used back in 2017 when i consecrated my body and went raw vegan for the first time. One of my neighbors went raw and watching her journey was so encouraging. I desired to loose weight but most importantly I wanted to be healthy. I thought to myself “what would happen if I just gave my body what it needed rather than what I wanted.” It was very difficult, especially when I wasn’t at home but I absolutely loved my time as raw vegan. I was able to live that way for about 3 months but had to stop due to an illness. During that time, I learned so much about foods and although my meaning of joyfully Raw has evolved, they both share some fundamental principles.

To begin, Let’s look at some definitions.

Raw is defined as 1) being in or nearly in the natural state; not processed or purified. 2) unprepared or imperfectly prepared for use. 3) Lacking covering (naked). 4) Not protected; susceptible to hurt- raw emotions.

Joyfully is an adverb which describes a verb and derives from the root word joy. Joyful is defined as experiencing, causing or showing joy. Joy is defined as the emotion evoked by well-being, success or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires; a feeling of great pleasure/happiness.

We cook foods and alter it’s state because in its raw form

During my time as raw vegan, I learned about so many foods that I hadn’t experienced before. The hardest part about being raw was eating raw. Ha! All my life, all i have known about eating foods is that you cook the food in some way. Whether that be boil, fry, bake, sautéed, steam, etc. Celery and carrots are the only food that I could say that raw was encouraged. However, I did not enjoy eating those. So now here I am on this raw journey and I could not alter the foods. At first it was challenging but after a few days, I was beginning to get the hang of it. How? I had to adjust and accept the foods for what they were, not how I wanted them to be. What I found was that, in its natural its state, the vegetables were just as delicious the way they were created as they were when I altered them and honestly were sometimes better. Although i’m not fully raw anymore, I still have some of my raw meals every week.

Fast forward to early this year, I began thinking about my time as raw and I thought about myself. The last couple of years have been very transformative and I have gotten to a place where I am living raw and loving it and have made a declaration to love raw and live it joyfully. I lived life trying to process, cover up, alter in any way I could. I believed that in my natural state I wasn’t good enough. In my natural state, there were too many flaws. However, i’ve Learned that in my natural state is how God created me. In this natural state, I am imperfectly prepared for God to use me.

Joyfully Raw means I will embrace the flaws, the imperfections. I will no longer cover up. I will show up authentically me. I am okay with being who I am. In this raw state, you will get all of me. I will no longer be afraid of who God created me to be. I will no longer hold back what I am feeling or thinking. My voice counts and it matters. Being raw isn’t always pretty. It doesn’t always feel good. I won’t always have it together. The edges may be rugged but it’s ok. Even with this blog, I may not have all my words perfect or the grammar may be misplaced, but so what! I will no longer allow that to stop me. It may not be perfect. I may not receive awards for being the perfect writer, but guess what? I am writing, I am doing it, it will be my words and it will be my life. Jagged, imperfect. Not perfect but it will be perfectly me.

Will you take the journey with me? Will you step out in faith and learn what Raw looks like for your life? I promise you will learn to love it. Let’s live JoyfullyRaw together.

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  1. So happy for your Journey and that you are walking in Faith and Not fear! Your stories are so inspiring. Keep going! You are definitely touching lives!


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