Fuel Up

This past weekend my husband and I went to a wedding that was about an hour away from our home. The bride and groom had a room block at a nearby hotel and we decided to make the trip a staycation and I am so glad we did!

For those who have never heard the phrase “staycation” before it’s like a vacation but in a place that is close to home. Some people visit local attractions that they have never visited before, take a drive for sightseeing or just spend time overnight at a local hotel. If you’ve never done one before, try it!

Initially our desire was to book a 2 night stay. However, as the date approached we began to realize that two nights away from our seven month old wasn’t quite a good idea yet. I even had moments where I doubted the one night. I thought “maybe we should just go to the wedding and come back later in the night.” “Will he sleep okay not in his crib, in his surroundings?” With all those thoughts running through my head, there was another thought that was even bigger, “fuel up!”

My husband and I just celebrated two years of marriage in July. Yay! When we married, I had two daughters and now with our new addition, we have three kids…Three! It’s more than a notion but I love every minute(I could do without some of the seconds lol). So with three children, finding time with each other that doesn’t involve some type of aspect involving children can be challenging. Although challenging, it is not impossible. It takes a desire, a commitment and intentionality.

With all my doubts and worries about leaving the baby, my desire to spend time with my husband was greater. The commitment that was made to each other to love and cherish was important to me. We had an opportunity to have some alone husband and wife time and we had to be intentional about taking the time. During this time, we had to fuel up.

Fueling up is a phrasal verb that is associated with putting fuel in a car. Fuel is a material that is needed in order for a car to run. The fuel is mixed with air, atomized and vaporized. The engine then converts the gas into energy which causes the car to be in motion. Without the fuel, the car would not be able to run. The same is true for a marriage. Without fuel, the marriage will not work. It is very important for couples to stop and take the time to fuel up.

For Malcolm and I , we fueled up by taking an overnight trip away from the children. During this time, we were able to have some alone time. We were able to cater to one another in an uninterrupted space.

Fueling up doesn’t require only overnight trips. Fueling up can be done daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc. Whatever is needed for your marriage. The main point is that you stop to asses and fuel up accordingly. Here are some other ways to fuel up:

What are some ways that you fuel up? Leave a comment. I want to hear from you!

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